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Grooly Times is an erotic online magazine focusing on women. We are a standalone, independent and commercially driven.


We write about sex & relationships, eroticism and well-being. Here you will find everything from news, reportage, sex tips and blog posts to erotic short stories, pictures and movie tips. We turn to everyone regardless of gender and sexual orientation.


Grooly Times want to contribute to more, better and more fun sex for women. We want to contribute to greater openness about women’s sexuality. We want to contribute to women’s sexual emancipation. We do not want women to become porn consumers according to traditional “male” manners – we want to open up for female eroticism. There are other ways for women and men to express their sexuality than normal pornography. When it is no longer the “man” who owns power in the sex issue, then we have reached our goal.

Our mission is ultimately to help women to affirm their sexuality to increase the power of women. We believe that female sexual liberation in an extension can lead to women’s increased power in general. Sexuality and power go hand in hand. Our idea is that if women gain more power over their own sexuality, this also contributes to increased gender equality in general. Nice reading!


We make most of our money from affiliate links. If you pres a link on our web-site that leads you to another site and buy something from that site, we may earn commission.

Grooly Times ?

Grool , come on, what is that? All the new words that re-created nowadays… But Grool can be a lot of things. Grool = Great and Cool iaw Fandom and Mean Girls. But is can also be some other things, Urban Dictory have another explanation of Grool ;). We hope that both meanings will give you a nice time when you are here.

/ Bliss and the team

You can reach us at web@groolytimes.com

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