Censorship of sex and erotic media on the way?

Erotic and sex have a difficult time online today

Slightly drastic headline perhaps, but some new “policies” at some online giants have led to some reflections.

Our Swedish site (worldofbliss.se) has previously (-2018) been completely clean from erotic and porn media. The focus was on texts that focused on sex and erotica. The reason was in no way moral, but practical. Some advertisers do not want to appear in places with porn images. But to our surprise in connection with the restart in 2019 it was no longer possible to link to the site from Facebook, we had been blacklisted. Facebook had previously given some traffic, but since it was no longer possible to link, we began to wonder. We have historically seen that many of our visitors are interested in sex and erotica; both texts, sex toy reviews but also all kinds of feministic, erotic porn for women that we previously only linked to.

We made, therefore, the decision to skip facebook completely and start posting erotic porn in our own domain. We have received “no” from some advertisers of sex toys (which I in no way can understand with our focus on erotic porn for women) but many others have said ok so we continue on the path we have taken.

Now I can read that Instagram who previously allowed some erotic pics will shut down that opportunity, as well, now Reddit has closed down advertising opportunities for sex toys in their “NSFW” forum (NSFW = Not Safe For Work = Sex and Porn). We do not advertise there, on the contrary, we are in the other part of the chain. But the events are interesting in themselves. It is, in traditional terms, wrong to talk about censorship, but the development is worth reflecting on. I do not fully understand that you do not want to advertise a 10″ butt plug-in connection with pictures of “the world’s 10 cutest kittens”. But since most adults check out porn sometimes, discuss sex or buy sex toys, it becomes worrying if some companies completely close the opportunity to talk about it.

It has been argued that it was porn that drove the internet at the beginning, historically porn was a big part of BBS time (computer enthusiasts over 40 know what I mean), my first porn videos were porn gifs. Large libraries of porn images ran around among Amiga owners. Likewise, porn was a big part of the internet during the 90’s.

All systems can work for a certain time but in the end only the systems that are in line with human nature will work. Sex, pornography, and erotica are one of the basic needs of humankind. Cutting that part completely will sooner or later lead to a change of platform. That facebook, google, and Instagram are giants today does not mean that they will be in 20 years. Of the US’s 500 largest companies in 1955, only 12% remain. Believing that everything not is changing is naive. They are big today, tomorrow and guaranteed next year. But with the development of the major companies’ censorship and EU paragraphs 11 and 13, driving the trend towards a direction that is not in line with today’s policy. Anonymous sub-systems will be created. Our site statistics tell us that a not insignificant part of our visitors come from searches on duckduckgo, a completely anonymous search engine. Don’t think it’s better than google, but if you want to be anonymous you have to work a little.

As a summary, although today’s development is worrying, I am not the least worried in the long run. Humankind and the Internet’s nature will eventually solve everything and then create new challenges. But we will be there on the frontline to break taboos about female sexuality.

  1. Totally agree and well written, the censorship och erotic material will only be the first step to total control. The world is more than cute kitties.

    To not even be able to discuss sex is a drawback. I can somewhat understand why some platforms, not want hardcore porn material, but let us at least link to it. Hey, put up an NSFW warning if you link to erotic sites or porn. It is hard enough to find good erotic porn made for women nowadays.

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