Upcoming trends for sextoys 2019

What are the hottest things to have?

What are the upcoming most popular Sex-toys 2019? We have compiled a list of newcomers in the sex-toy industry with the new technologies, something that is becoming increasingly important.

Rechargeable – All toys should be easy to recharge with a common USB charger. And this is not primarily for environmental concerns but it makes it so much easier and more hygienic. It is now possible to manufacture sex-toys that are easy to clean and water-proof . Toys like ve-wibe could practically not exist if it weren’t for tiny rechargeable batteries.

Air-Tech – Clitoral stimulation with air technology, like the Womanizer or Satisfyer, are becoming widely popular. This is a type of toy that didn’t really exsist in the past.

Bluetooth and Wifi – are opening up for sex play with a partner, even if you are far away from each other (or in the next room…). Toys that your partner can control from the other side of the world are becoming increasingly popular. Even app-based toys for yourself are becoming more common. Since the ways you can control those masterpieces are alot more flexible than just pressing a button or two.

Brands – Did anyone really care about the brands of theirer sextoys a while ago? I dont think so, but brands are becoming more important for sextoys, at least the ones that deliver quality. Brands like Lush, We-Vibe etc are nowdays seen as quality brands.