10 ways to spice up your sexlife

Spices to spice up your sexlife

Been together for a while? Has your sex life stalled or do you just not have sex as often as before? Don’t you have as much fun as before or do you just want to spice it up some? Here are some spicy tips on how to spice up your sex life.

1. Play more

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay, let it take time. The hornier you get, the better the sex will be.

2. Dirty talk

Dirty talk can be incredibly arousing, if done properly. If you don’t want to use coarse words, try “you feel so good”, “take me harder” and “I love to feel you in me”. Don’t just tell your partner with words, don’t be afraid to groan as well. The vast majority think it’s sexy when your sex partner groans – and really, why hold back?

3. Discover new places

Having sex in bed may be comfortable, but it can also become a bit monotonous. An easy way to spice up your sex life is to move from the bedroom. The car, the laundry room, the forest, the beach, the sea, the public toilet or the elevator – for those who like to experiment, it is just to start off the list. For the more modest couple the couch, the shower or the kitchen table may be better suited. Regardless of which, new places mean both new positions and excitement.

4. Dress up, dress sexy, undress!

Although the clothes usually end up in a pile on the floor, it does not mean that they are unimportant before that. On the contrary! Most people have phantasies, even if you are in a relationship, so why not realize these with role-playing games? Sinful sex with a forbidden priest, the schoolgirl who seduces the teacher (or vice versa), doctor and patient … yes, only the imagination sets limits. For those who do not want to dress up, it just as good to just dress nicely. To be honest, even if the clothes should end up in a pile on the floor, is it still more arousing when a person makes more of an effort than just wearing (or happen to wear) clean underwear? Take a long shower, fix your hair and put on sexy lingerie – your partner will surely appreciate it.

5. Sit on your partner’s face

The first time I was told “I want you to sit on my face” I just thought it sounded strange. I had never come by oral sex and thought that it was a bit uncomfortable to have someone’s face there – sitting on it would be even worse, I thought. The guy in question was extremely excited about having a girl seated over his face, but I never took his offer. In addition to being something that turns some people on, it is also a perfect position to be licked in for those who have difficulty coming, or are impatient. You can control yourself a lot, and move in a different way than when you lie down. Which results in you getting you off both easier and sometimes even better!

6. Slowly

Start by slowing down; touch each other slowly, kiss each other tenderly. Approaching the erogenous zones is slow, gradual and timid. Continue teasing with each other as long as you can handle it until you can’t wait another second!

7. Turn each other on before you meet

When you know that you will meet the same evening, after work or in an hour – start arousing each other beforehand. Text your partner and tell him or her what you want or intend to do later on. If you manage to turn each other on before, and the longer time the better, the sex will be amazing!

8. Bite me

Believe it or not – that biting can be very exciting, both to do and to become. Start carefully only, and test yourself. Maybe you prefer gentle nibbing, or harder bites.

9. Touch yourself

You can use this in many ways. Firstly, get to know yourself and your body. By caressing yourself, you learn a lot about your body and what you like, which is important even when you have sex with others. In addition, to make your partner excited – let him (or her) watch. Most people find it very exciting to watch their partner masturbate. Do you want to take it a step further, surprise him or her – lie naked in bed and touch yourself when he or she comes home. Another way is to touch yourself while you have sex – or let your partner do it!

10. BDSM light

If you aren’t a dedicated BDSM practitioners, you can add some extra spice and try some BDSM light. Pull the hair, smack the buttocks and restrain your partner. Feeling inferior can sometimes be very exciting. Do you want to take it a step further, pick up a whip and handcuffs. Next time you can change roles; You hold him while riding, and he or she is inferior.