Groin Gazing with Claire Milbrath

groin gazing claire milbrath vice
The Boyfriend

Ever taken a sneak peek at the male nether region? 😀 The 24-year-old Canadian photographer Claire Milbrath takes groin gazing one step further in the humorous photo series “Groin Gazer”. What an amazing and hilarious idea, a photo shot of grand male boners

Claire Milbrath’s fantastic photo series was originally published in the online magazine Vice. For a change we are looking at an objectification of men. But dear men, do not feel degraded, we love your crotch.

Women have given most response, share Claire in an interview for Many women have written to her and said things like “Thank you, you made my day”.

Are all bulges genuine?

Apparently everyone is wondering this and the answer is that 75% of the bumps are genuine. In some pictures, Zuchinis was used to get the right look, but most models were simply well-equipped, according to Claire. The bulges are all so greatly bulging to mimic the same grand beauty ideals that the fashion world exposes female bodies to.

I love Tracey Moores reflection in Jezebel:“After I got over the novelty of it, I had to wonder: What if these sorts of photos were the norm? What if we stopped perpetuating the myth in advertising and art that men are more visual? What if women’s appetites for sex were catered to just as much as men’s? What if this was a common spread you saw in women’s magazines growing up? How would that have changed your feelings about your own lust, your own sexual appetite, your own attraction?”

Welcome to Groin Gazing

Which one is your favorite? I think I would go for the French Guy or the Skater, or perhaps the Basketball Player. 🙂