Cinema Joy

CinemaJoy presents films made by Petra Joy, a well known german female director of indie erotic porn for women. Her porn movies are not like the mainstream stuff you find on the big pornsites.

Petra produced and directed her first erotic film in 2004 as an experiment to see if she could bring her vision of female-centred sexuality to the screen. The film was called “Sexual Sushi” and features a real-life couple and an artistic approach to erotic filmmaking. It became a surprise success – even though or because it breaks all the mainstream porn rules. (Read more here)

Petras movies focus on faces and scenery and not close up genitalia shots that quite often are the focus of mainstream porn. She also includes a lot of male bi sexuality and female to male strap-ons in the movies.

Among Petra Joys porn movies you will find MMF (two Males one Female having sex) a genre popular among women, as well as female dominance and older women as the main character. I think you can already start to tell the difference between Cinema Joy and other “mainstream” porn sites.

One special porn film by Petra is “Genderfuck”, where a male and female actor switch places and dress up as each other. The female in male dress then uses a strap-on on the male. Quite different from other sites, even if you compare to femdom (female dominance) sites, as this is not “femdom”, they just switch roles, dresses and way to fuck. Strange? Absolutely, but well worth a visit if you are up for some indie porn


Petra Joy has won quite a number of awards for her films. From best Bi Film to feminist porn award.

  • 2004 Erotic Award – Photographer of the Year
  • 2007 FICEB Award – Best Softcore Film (Female Fantasies – Strawberries Seductress)
  • 2008 UKAFTA – Best Softcore Film Production & Best Lighting (Sensual Seduction)
  • 2008 eLine Award – Pioneering Achievements in Adult Films for Women
  • 2008 Feminist Porn Award – Best Bi Scene (Female Fantasies)
  • 2009 PorYes Award – Achievement Award
  • 2012 Feminist Porn Award in Toronto
  • 2013 Bring it Audience Coice Award t Cinekink in New York
  • 2015 Bring it Audience Coice Award at Cinekink in Newyourk with (S)he Comes
Erotic Porn for women from Petra Joy.
Erotic Porn for women – (S)he Comes

She has also created the “Petra Joy Award”, to promote female erotic filmmakers and to take back porn from the mainstream male type. Needless to say, a lot of males also finds Cinema Joy appealing and these type of porn films are popular amongst couples to watch together.

You can acutely find information about her movies on IMDB.

Petra Joy lives in the UK for the moment and is seen as one of the pioneers for porn for women. She has a Masters degree in Film history, a background as producer and director for TV and has been involved in productions for National Geographic. She started to focus on sex, erotic and porn movies in the early 1990, all with a female perspective. Resulting in her aforementioned first “alternative porn film” for women in 2004, a genre she calls “Art-Core”.’