Sexercise – sex and exercise

Sex and exercise make you feel great

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Both exercise and sex release “feel good” hormones. If you exercise and (or) have sex regularly, you feel better. So, if you like feeling good, get on that treadmill and have some sexy times (well, maybe not at the same time). Go get some sexercise!

And what about this sexercise equation:

  • Exercise increases your sexual appetite
  • Sex makes you even fitter
  • The fitter you are, the stronger your orgasms get. Could it be better?

In addition, you get better endurance, agility and muscle strength of exercise and this of course leads to you becoming more durable and flexible when you have sex. When you have sex, you also train agility, strength and endurance without even noticing it. One reinforces the other in an infinite positive spiral.

It is not only sex drive that is affected by exercise, even the sexual ability is improved. An American study showed that there is a clear correlation between being a couch potato and a lack of sexual appetite. According to the study, 1h exercise three times a week improved the sexual ability of middle-aged men. This includes how often they had sex, the number of orgasms and how satisfied they felt. Another study showed that women in their 40s who exercised regularly had more sex and felt more satisfied than women who did not exercise.

Some sexercise facts:

  • The heart usually beats about 70 beats / minute.
  • During sex the heartbeat increases to 150 beats / minute. This is the same level as an elite athlete’s heart rate at maximum effort.
  • Intensive sex equals 15 – 20 minutes on the threadmill.
  • Contraction of the inner abdominal muscles during sex helps strengthen these muscles.

Grooly Times sexercise recommendations:

  • 1 Yoga session per week
  • 1 fitness session a week (for example running or cycling)
  • 1 strength session a week (at home or at the gym)
  • 7-minutes: download any of the 7 minutes apps available online and set aside 7 minutes every day to train your basic physics. Superb and easy.