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Have you ever wondered how often the checkout girl in the convenience store has sex? Which position the neighbors like best? Or what the bus driver has for secret fantasies? Now you have the chance to follow six different people into the bedroom – or up on the kitchen table. They could be your neighbor, your hairdresser or your workmate. We all have our secrets, here six ordinary people share theirs with you.

Emma is a 21-year-old girl, she sees herself as experimental or bisexual. She has no partner for the time being or, more precisely, she has several.
– But one-night-stand are not my thing, Emma says. Because I like a little more extreme stuff, I want us to be comfortable with each other. Therefore, I have different fuckbuddys that I meet.

She likes to have sex every day, preferably several times a day. In reality it is not quite so often, but at least three times a week. When it comes to taking the initiative, Emma prefers to be the one who is seduced.
– I want it to be bang on, to be pressed against a wall or be thrown down onto the bed. They can then tease me, when they have taken the first step. But at present my fuckbuddys are slightly boring, so I usually take the initiative.

Wherever the sex takes place does not matter much – she likes to have sex everywhere. However, preferably not in bed, it feels boring. Indoors, the kitchen table is a favorite. Then the sex should be a bit violent and exciting. Feel free to play games where she plays unwillingly.
– During sex I like to be seen as an object, or a sex doll, which the guy gets to do what he wants with. But at the moment she is not happy with her sex life.
– No, I only have boring sex partners at the moment, she says. I want to find someone who keeps up with my kinks. Gangbang is something she also wants to test, as soon as she has found some to share that experience with.

Krister is a 50-year-old man who was previously married, but now lives as a single. He is hetero and has sex about twice a week, usually he is the one who initiates it. He lovves being seduced by sexy lingerie. He also gets turned on by oil play, but has not yet had the chance to live out his imagination.
– But the most important thing is that both like it, he says. That’s when the sex gets good.

Ideally, he has sex indoors, doing it outdoors is nothing for him. The favorite position is doggystyle, but he also likes to be ridden. He had the best sex at a wedding party, with his then girlfriend.
– It was at her girlfriend’s wedding party, he says. We had sex outdoors in the dark of the night while we glimpsed the other guests. However, he is not really happy with his sex life at the moment, and there is a lot left that he hopes to test.

Sandra is 26 years old, heterosexual and cohabiting. She has sex between 5 and 8 times a week. She and her partner take initiatives as often. She likes to be seduced by her partner teasing her, with a little touch on her stomach and thighs.

– So I don’t really know if he is going to do something more or not, she explains. If he stops, I’ll be crazy!

She is reasonably satisfied with her sex life. Her feelings have diminished since she ate antidepressants a few years ago, she has to focus very much to get orgasm. In addition, her partner has had a hard time keeping up, and must stand up in the middle of sex quite often, which also makes it harder for her to enjoy.

She gets turned on by the knowledge that her partner is watching porn. She thinks it is strange, because at the same time it makes her angry. She thinks it is because one of her exes chose to lie down and watch porn next to her when she slept, which she doesn’t think is okay at all.

– After that, I have become very sensitive to pornwatching. But when I have sex and find it hard to come, I imagine my guy is watching porn and jerking off, and then I can come. I can even fantasize about having sex with someone else, so it is perhaps some kind of pleasure linked to anger and disgust.

She prefers to have sex somewhere where there is a risk of being discovered or someone is listening. The best sexual experience was when she and her boyfriend had a threesome with his friend. She would be happy to test gangbang with several of his friends but she doesn’t think she will experience it.

– I would also like to try to have sex with a girl, but it will probably never happen, she concludes.

Continuation: Six on sex, part 2.