Six talk about sex – part 2

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Have you ever wondered how often the cashier in the convenience store has sex? Which position the neighbors like best? Or what the bus driver has for secret fantasies? Now you have the opportunity to follow six different people into the bedroom – or up on the kitchen table. They could be your neighbor, your hairdresser or your workmate. We all have our secrets, here six ordinary people share them with you. This is part 2 of “Six talk about sex – part 1”, here you can read about Emma, ​​Krister and Sandra.

Robert is 30 years old and lives in a relationship, with a woman. He is bisexual or sapiosexual, which means that he is turned on by a persons intellect. He estimates he has sex about 5-10 times a month.
– It has become less frequent with time, life and everyday life comes in the way, he says. In the past it was in a big way every day. When it comes to who takes the initiative, he usually is the one who does it the first time, but in a relationship it is usually the partner. In order for the sex to be good it must be passionate, both should be in the mood, you should know each other well and know how to best turn each other on.

Robert wants his girlfriend to have a more open mind, and like to experiment as much as he does.
– I have lots of fetishes, but the strongest attraction I have is  by far cuckolding. I get turned on by women who are openly unfaithful to their husbands and who have come to accept that side of themselves as natural. His girlfriend has admitted that she has had sex with other men during their time together but she doesn’t seem to completely share his fetish and cuckolding.
– It’s still new to her, says Robert. The best thing would be if she could achieve a stage of acceptance that would allow her to bring men home to us and have sex with those she feels uneasy about.

He had his best sexual experience when his girlfriend came home the day after a night out.
– That she came home the next day of course meant that someone had taken her home. What I didn’t know was that they had sex without a condom, and he had come in her, says Robert. The taste of it remained when I went down on her. That feeling is hard to beat.

Something he fantasizes about testing is so-called “forced bisexuality”. He does, however, get turned on by men, but far from all men and really mainly women. That a dominant woman would force him to be taken or sucked by a man is something he would like to experience, even though he believes that it is almost impossible and will not happen. He does not know if he will ever be completely satisfied with his sex life.
– Can you get it? Sex is so wide, there is always something new to test.

Sophia is 33 years old and married to Peter. They have been a couple for many years and have sex several times a week. The first few years it was Peter who seduced, but now it is usually Sophia.
– Usually, I want straight up sex or a quicky, she says. But sometimes it is nice when the tension is built up during the day.

She thinks that cleanliness and love are the most important thing for having sex. Because they have 4 children, they have six wherever it is possible, but she would like more adventure. Overall, she is happy with her sex life.

Kenny is a 42-year-old heterosexual man. He is married, and they have sex 4-5 times a week. He and his wife take the initiative about as often. He prefers to be seduced by horny looks, slow caresses, and sexy whispers.

– For good sex, mutual respect for each other and listening to each other are important, he says.
He is very happy with his sex life but would like to use some sex toys sometimes. He likes to have anal sex, and likes facials and deepthroat. These favorites are also elements of his sex life. Indoors, the couch is the favorite place but outdoor is also a favorite.

– My best sexual experience was that night when I learned to give a woman a squirting orgasm, Kenny says. He is a little curious about testing dogging, and also believes that he will try it now when it gets a little warmer outside.

* Cuckolding – means that men want or rather likes that their partner has sex with others.

** Dogging – means that strangers meet online and decide time and place to have sex in reality. Feel free to be as public as possible. Aftonbladet wrote about this already in 2008 “Summer hot sex trend – dogging”.