Imagine living with two men

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Polygamy – what an exciting concept

What would it be like living with two men? How does a relationship with two or more work? What does their everyday live look like, do they live together all 3 (or four or how many they are), are all together (sexually) or are one with two but the two do not have sex with each other? I am so curious about how it can be.

I am very pleased with my love relationship with only one (wonderful) person and I do not know if I would be able to have a polygamous relationship. I think I would be jealous of the time and attention the other received. Which clearly only testifies my own uncertainty. But I admire those who live in a polygamous relationship. It sounds so enriching, loving and life-affirming.

Now you may be thinking about the Muslim pluralism, that is not what I am referring to. I think of “modern” progressive polygamy relationships where everyone is allowed to participate and decide on equal terms. In an article in Svenska Dagbladet I read “That bigami is difficult to reconcile with the Swedish view of marriage and equality will hardly come as a surprise. It is probably also why few want to talk about polygamous marriage.” Oh my, talk about the color of the glasses we put on. I leave the Muslim multi-party discussion there.

Polygamy does not need to be about women’s oppression it can also be an expression of liberation from traditional stereotypical relationship norms. Why just love a person in the role of a life partner? Most people love many, such as parents, siblings, relatives, close friends, and all the children we raise or who are in our lives. Of course, we have the ability to love more. It is society that has decided that we can only love one as our genuine partner. Out of economic reason it was in our society traditionally necessary that we marry and only with one. (Just as in Muslim societies, economic problems were solved by allowing polygamy). Today, there are no financial barriers to living in other ways than in marriage. Now it is only the social norms that need to catch up. In a giant short film on Martina tells about her life with two men: Martina lives with two men. When I watched the movie I instantty thought: Hello polygamy, I want to know more!

What do you think of polygamy? Or do you know someone living in a polygamous relationship or do you live yourself in a polygamous relationship? Do tell!