Satisfyer Pro 2: Test & Review

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Satisfyer Pro 2 – last years best-selling sex toy for women – promises the most intense and fast orgasms you can imagine. How good is it really?

Satisfyer Pro is currently ranked first place on virtually every sex webshop around. My only thought after testing Satisfyer Pro 2 was, have I ruined myself for any future orgasms without Satisfyer Pro?

It’s so true that Satisfyer Pro gives unprecedented orgasms, more intense than ever and in record time. I was skeptical before I tested it. I am no longer … Ok, first of all, I hereby acknowledge that I – an ordinary, proper, neat (at least on the surface) woman – use sex toys. (I know that I am not the only one but have never talked about it among friends).

What is Satisfyer Pro really and what makes it so special? It is a clitoral stimulator, providing intense stimulation with the help of pulsating vibrations and pressure waves. It is about the size of an ear thermometer but with a much prettier design. The nozzle is placed over the clitoris and then your job is only to select speed and keep it in place.

My brain really has a stubborn tendency to take over and refuse orgasms. It can get started and think thoughts like, “Oh, you can never come. Oh, now your partner thinks that you take too long for you. Oh, you can only come if you do exactly the right thing. Oh, you think too much to ever come. And so on. With this toy my brain had no chance. Of course, the brain tried to get started “have, it only works on others but not on you”. But it totally ignored my body. Once I got used to how it felt and vibrated the rest took care of itself. I think if I can come so powerfully (on my own during the test occasion), in such a short time then anyone can do it …

Use with your partner
Most likely, Satisfyer Pro 2 is also magical to use with a partner. Your partner could control it, determine the intensity, when you come and give you brand new orgasms – how he or she pleases and decides. In addition, Satisfyer Pro is waterproof so you can bring it in to the shower or bathtub and experience unlimited orgasms…

User Friendliness9
Orgasm Intensity9
TTO Time to Orgasm - (too fast)5
Use with Partner9
Guaranteed orgasm
Easy to clean
Orgasm too quickly 😉
  1. The Satisfyer is my absolute favorite toy. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that it is sometimes difficult to use during sex with my BF. The vibrations it creates are completely different from an ordinary vibrator. Agree with what you write that it is almost too intense, so it is not a good toy if I want to enjoy a long and relaxing masturbation with some erotic movies, but for a masturbation quicky t is wonderful.

  2. Have you tried the womanizer? I have understood that it basically works the same way… or? I want to buy this as a sex toy and try something new, but have a hard time to chose :D.

    1. No, I have not been able to try the womanizer yet, but it is on my “to-do” list. Will for sure post an article when I have done that.

    2. I like womanizer better than satisfyer, I have the one that looks like a lipstick. I am traveling by plane sometimes, and want to be able to masturbate and have a nice time with myself at the hotel, gets so boring otherwise: D.
      Sometimes I have to have colleagues with me on the flight, and can’t bear to check in the luggage. Then it is very practical that the womanizer not look like a sex toy. I do not care about the airport staff understands that it is a sex toy, but I do not want my colleagues to see it .. You can never guess what it is when it is in the box.
      But I have never been askt to show what it is, I assume it does not trigger any warning. I guess it is a lot of women on business trips that bring sex toys in their carry on baggage 😀

  3. I agree with the rest of you, the orgasm the satisfyer can give (and the speed… ) are amazing. I have not tried the womenazer but I guess they work the same way.

  4. I bought the satisfyer, but it was nothing for me. Have understood that it can give fast end extremely nice orgasms, but I thought it was to “hard” to my clitt.. But maybe I am too sensitive.

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