How to have Anal Sex

How do you have anal sex and why do you have anal sex? When did you chat about anal sex with your friends lately? If you’re like me, probably never. It may make you feel embarrassed, you may be concerned about cleanliness and all other issues that come up in your head right now. But properly done, it can be very nice and well worth testing.

The first time I had anal sex, I came immediately when my partner entered my tushy. Guess if I was surprised. The reason is that there are a large number of nerve endings in the entire area around the anus and genitals. That is the reason why anal sex feels tingly all the way to and around the clitoris or penis. For men, the prostate is also stimulated during anal sex, this can be rather pleasurable. If you manage to relax, we guarantee you a very intense and exciting experience. Done right – anal sex can bring you to orgasmic heaven. So buckle up and read on.

Anal sex for the first time

The easiest way to tell your partner that you want anal sex is to say that you want anal sex. As always, communicate. The biggest sex organ is the brain, if the brain is on board the sex will be so much better. One way to introduce the topic is by sending sexy texts, hinting about your fantasy of anal sex. Sex it up via sexy text messages, introduce the idea and make the texting hot. Another way is to watch anal sex porn movies together and gauge your partner’s reaction. If you receive clear indications that your partner is on board you can go for it, if not keep reading, there are more ways to slowly introduce anal sex.

Another way is to give the butt a little extra attention and gauge how your partner reacts. Personally, I get annoyed when my partner tries to sneak something new into the game and prefer clear communication before. And, you do not want to risk not being clean, so a little heads up before anal sex is preferred.

Preparations for Anal Sex

The first preparation is a thorough rear wash. It is not possible to relax and enjoy anal sex if you are worried about a brown surprise. So, how do you wash your beautiful tush? One method is to use a lot of soap on one finger, just insert it, twist and rinse. But the most convenient way is to buy an anal shower/douche so you will be even cleaner. It will make you feel safer for your adventures. Another trick up our sleeve is to use a condom first, to make sure everything is clean and then remove it. This is a great way to make both of you more relaxed. And above all, don’t forget to read the next paragraph about the second most important ingredients: lubrication.

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Lubrication for Anal Sex

Preparation number two is to purchase huge amounts of of lubricant. Silicone-based lubrication is the best choice, it keeps the friction longer. A lot of lubricants are water-based and those will do the job but the silicone-based mates are by far better and provide better friction. Especially silicone-based lubricants made especially for anal sex. Avoid oil-based lubrication, it can break condoms and destroy silicone based sextoys. Don’t save bucks on lubrication, there is only one rule – the more lube the better.

Mrs Bliss’s advice

“The most important ingredient when having anal sex is lubrication. Take a bucket full and then add some more. The more you use, the better it will be.”

Anal Sex: How do you do it?

A good way to start is to lie close, relaxed and touch the tushy and then eventually the anal area.  For absolute beginners, just inserting a lubricated finger a little bit into the anal region can be enough. the next step is letting the cock slide in a tiny little bit into the rear entrance area. Don’t forget lube, lube, lube. Just a short visit past the backdoors. If it feels alright you can just keep your cock there for a while, relaxing (on both parties) until it starts to feel good. Listen to the cock (or dildo) receiver and give the receiver control. It is important that it feels good and that you maintain trust. As always, it is preferable to start slow and continue slowly. Maybe a short visit is enough the first time. Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

Positions for Anal Sex

Only the imagination sets limits here (and the anatomy to some extent). The most common sexual position for anal sex is to stand on all fours and enter from behind (doggy-style). Another, more relaxed position is lying on your stomach, perhaps with a leg slightly angled up while your partner takes you from behind. Lying spoon and penetrating from behind is another great variation, this also gives you a sensual closeness. Ordinary missionary position also works well for anal sex. Of course it is just a matter of testing.

Sex Toys for Anal Sex

Buttplugs are used to warm up the butt, to widen it some or just to give pleasure. They are available in all sizes and variations. One great invention are vibrating butt plugs, they can give guys a nice prostate massage.

If you have a guy you can even give him a whole new experience with a strap-on dildo. You’d be surprised how many straight guys are fantasizing about being taken in the butt by their woman. Using a vibrator or Satisfyer while having anal sex is a sure way to heaven for her.

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