Where is the G-spot?

The mysteriuos G-spot…

The G-spot is an erogenous zone located between the urethra and the upper part of the vaginas front wall. If your partner (or you yourself if you have flexible fingers) massages the area facing forward you can get a very strong orgasm that is a little different to more traditional clitoral orgasm. The impact of the G-point on orgasm is debated, but mostly among male researchers…. After experiencing a G-spot orgasm, one knows that it exists. A proper massage there can also elicit a wonderful suuirting orgasm.

Short and funny film about some men’s attempt to point out the G-spot on a sketch …

Some technical facts

The G-spot is also called the Gräfenberg spot and was first noticed in 1981 in a scientific article written by Frank Addiego, Female ejaculation: a case study in the journal The Journal of Sex Research. “G” in the G point comes from the gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who researched the importance of the urethra for the female orgasm.

Can you now identify the g point yourself? The answer is revealed at the bottom of the text ?

There are many different sex toys to better access the G-spot if you want to play a little yourself. A typical G-spot dildo is curved at the top, in order to be able to massage / squeeze a little extra against the front wall of your vagina, the G-spot area.

Where is this G-spot? The answer is nr 6. 🙂